Helping Staff Governments With the Best People

Every administration needs outstanding people to serve their fellow citizens well, but finding those people can be a formidable challenge.

We are here to solve that.

What We Do

We solve a challenge common to all elected governments. Governments are elected to serve their citizens well and being fully staffed with outstanding public servants is critical to fulfilling their mandate. Yet every administration is faced with similar human capital challenges that can make or break their success early on.

How We Do It

Our core business is searching for outstanding public servants. This focus allows us to deliver results quickly.  As careful stewards of each taxpayer dollar, we keep our overhead low and exclude seldom used ancillary services that justify high fees like leadership advisory services, succession planning, and organizational assessments. Those savings are passed directly to our clients.

Our Expertise

Members of our team have an unparalleled track record, having successfully filled numerous vacancies in each of the vast majority of government sectors, positions at every level of government, and positions performing every function.

Who We Are

Meet our team of strong business leaders, cutting-edge entrepreneurs, seasoned politicos, hiring experts, and distinguished public servants to find out how they can help your administration find the right people for the job.