How We Do It

Our core business is identifying, assessing, and recruiting outstanding public servants. This focus allows us to deliver results quickly.  And as careful stewards of each taxpayer dollar, we keep our overhead low and exclude seldom used ancillary services that usually justify high fees like leadership advisory services, succession planning, and organizational assessments.  These savings are passed on directly to our clients.

Phase 1: Identify

To identify the largest pool of qualified candidates, we rely on the networks, institutional memory, and the extensive experience of our extraordinary team which has exclusive or unique relationships with sources like Congress, think tanks, academic institutions, stakeholder associations, nongovernmental organizations, and former administration officials. We are especially sensitive to identifying candidates who are diverse. Our goal is to deliver a wealth of potential candidates that go beyond a private sector executive recruitment.

Phase 2: Assess

Then we assist our clients to assess the pool of candidates. The goal is to narrow the potential candidates to a short list of high priority candidates that best meet or exceed the criteria. Biographical information, an assessment of how all the candidates rank on meeting the job specifications, and a general background check are provided to aid in the assessment.

Phase 3: Recruit

Finally, we use our well-honed powers of persuasion to recruit targeted candidates. Statecraft Staffing customizes our approach to dovetail with each clients unique application and competitive processes. For both political and civil service appointments and positions, our goal is to get targeted candidates to apply and compete with no disruption to the existing standard hiring or appointments process.

The search is completed when our client has found a match, made an offer, the candidate accepts the offer, and the successful candidate begins work.