What We Do

We solve a challenge common to all elected governments. Governments are elected to serve their citizens well and being fully staffed with outstanding public servants is critical to fulfilling their mandate. Yet every administration is faced with similar human capital challenges that can make or break their success early on.

  • Administrations must ramp up a transition with limited resources, frequently using a team that are experts on campaigning but not governing, and having little access to institutional memory.
  • They must recruit extraordinary candidates for public service for both political and career appointments with the disadvantages of lower compensation, smaller candidate pools, and skills, expertise, and experience in areas generally uncommon in the private sector.
  • Administrations must ramp down their appointments team after a critical mass of appointments are filled or when funding runs out, causing considerable turnover in staff and lost institutional memory.
  • In every government, there are a myriad of difficult-to-fill career civil service positions at all levels that are critical to the success of an administration but the routine human resource processes are not delivering results.

Providing successful solutions to these unique challenges is why Statecraft Staffing was created. Started by seasoned experts who have the rare experience of serving in the appointments function in the administrations of federal, state, and local governments, they are passionate about helping government leadership achieve their mandates successfully.

Our mission is to assist our government clients to staff up with outstanding public servants quickly, transparently, and with careful stewardship of each taxpayer dollar.